Cole Swindell brings the lyrics to "Somebody's Been Drinkin'" vividly to life in the heartbreaking concept video for the song. The four-part video collection released ahead of the singer's third studio album, All of It, follows the ups and downs of one couple and on "Somebody's Been Drinkin'," they use alcohol as a distraction from their breakup.

Directed by Sam Siske, Swindell's "Somebody's Been Drinkin'" finds the singer's ex at the bar throwing back shots with two friends. All the while, she's texting Swindell and letting him know that she misses him. As the video plays out, it seems he feels the same way.

"Somebody’s been drinking and got to thinking ’bout us / It’s just the cherry bombs talking when you’re hitting me up / I got a fire in the backyard, half of bottle of goose / And a spot on my shoulder, so baby come on over / Somebody else has been drinking too, yeah," he sings at the chorus of "Somebody's Been Drinkin'."

By the clip's end, his ex is shown alone at the bar. As she grabs her things and gets ready to leave, she receives a text from him. Watch the clip above to see how the couple's night ends.

In addition to letting fans hear “Somebody’s Been Drinking,” “Love You Too Late" and "The Ones Who Got Me Here" ahead of the project's release, Swindell has also revealed that one of the new songs, "Dad's Old Number," is a tribute to his late father.

“I've lived a little longer now and been through things. I've learned that it's okay to have a song that isn't a party song or an uptempo song. Now that I have people's attention, I can release songs like 'You Should Be Here' and 'Break Up in the End' and show people that there's a different side," Swindell explained to Taste of Country and other media in July. "I'm thankful that I get to release songs that mean stuff to people."

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