Tyler Farr joins Colt Ford in his new video for "My Truck," and the singers are taking fans behind the scenes to join in the silliness as they film a fun-filled video for the song.

"My Truck" is one of the tracks from Ford's current Love Hope Faith album, and Farr joins him for a humorous take on "my truck is better than your truck" in the song.

"If you wanna ride in a real truck / Baby, just hit me up / Just slide on over to the middle / And maybe we could truck around for a little / Yeah, if you wanna ride in a real truck / Baby, just climb on up / And if you don't feel good on the leather / We can take the back roads 'til whenever / Yeah, if you wanna ride in a real truck / I'll show you how we boom, boom, boom," they trade off in the chorus.

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Potsy Ponciroli directed Ford's "My Truck" video for Hideout Pictures, and as he explains in the clip above, which is debuting exclusively with Taste of Country today, the video is a parody of the movie Step Brothers, with Ford and Farr starting a band together and creating chaos with their ineptitude.

"They need security, they need their publicity photos, they need their music video, but it's all done as cheap and as crappy as possible, as if two 10-year-olds would have done it," he says.

"I just thought it was time for a really funny video, and I knew Tyler would be on board with this idea," Ford tells us. "Tyler has been one of my best friends in this business for a long time, so it was really easy for us to act silly and be a little nuts — that’s how we always act!"

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