ABC's hit show, 'Nashville,' is right where it should be -- in Music City -- but the show is currently in talks about its third season which could potentially take it elsewhere. There are lots of factors that will play a role in what happens to the show next season or where it goes. Everything from ratings to economic incentives play a part.

Throughout the first two seasons of the show, the city of Nashville gave up some serious incentives to keep the show right in the heart of Music City.  Now that the show will possibly be in its third season, the incentives won't be as big, according to the Tennessean. The state, metro and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp. have shelled out some serious cash as part of these incentive packages. The state alone contributed $12.5 million but now the state's budget cuts won't allow them to give up quite so much money to the show this year, so 'Nashville' is scouting locations in both Texas and Georgia.

Although the show takes place in Music City, the sets seen on the show are mostly fake and could be taken elsewhere if they move to one of the other states, but there are more than just monetary incentives that are playing a part in this. The show hasn't been picked up for a third season yet, and although it looks likely, Nielsen ratings have dropped.

"I'm a combination of optimistic and emotionally vulnerable," Charles Esten (the show's Deacon Claybourne) tells the Tennessean. "Everyone seems to be coming to a nice peak right now."

Luckily for him, there is a big musical franchise that is also behind the ABC show. Soundtrack CD sales and concert tour ticket sales also have to be taken into consideration. The music is on Big Machine Label Group and they say over 600,000 units have been sold. If the show gets cancelled, this year's Nashville Tour will be its first -- and its last.

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