Trace Adkins throws a big party in his new video for "Where the Country Girls At?" Will he reach the top of the countdown of the most popular videos of the week?

Luke Bryan and Pitbull both join Adkins in the fun new clip, which is up against new videos from Sam Hunt, Parker McCollum, Jessie James Decker, Jess Kellie Adams, Bryan Martin, Jeremy McComb and Georgia Webster. Kane Brown has also teamed with H.E.R. for a new video that is looking for votes this week.

Who's got your support this time around?

We're seeing some changes in the countdown this week. The Top 5 remains static, but Alan Jackson jumps in at No. 6 in his first week of release for his "Where Have You Gone" video, while Josh Turner rounds out the Top 10 with his "Your Man (Reimagined)" video, which is an update on one of his classic songs.

Voting on this week's poll will be extended to two weeks due to staff vacations, so you'll have the chance to vote on this new slate of videos until Oct. 15. Is there any particular artist you're really pulling for? Then make sure to get in there and vote, and keep on voting!

Due to an update, the voting poll looks different than it used to. When you vote now, you need to scroll up afterward to see the captcha. Once you verify yourself, your vote will be counted as usual. 

Note: Fans can vote for one video, once every hour until the poll closes next Friday at 12PM ET. The weekly Top 10 will be revealed immediately after the poll closes. Videos are retired after six months, or when fans lose interest or when an artist releases a new video for a current single.

  • 10

    "Your Man (Reimagined)"

    Josh Turner
  • 9

    "Minimum Wage"

    Blake Shelton
  • 8

    "Woman You Got"

    Maddie + Tae
  • 7

    "Witness Protection"

    Jim Stanard
  • 6

    Where Have You Gone"

    Alan Jackson
  • 5

    "Bad Summer"

    Karissa Ella
  • 4

    "Stop Draggin' Your Boots"

    Danielle Bradbery
  • 3

    "Land of the Free"

    Home Free
  • 2

    "Come In (But Don't Make Yourself Comfortable)"

    Caroline Jones
  • 1

    "Memorize You"

    Laine Hardy

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