Craig Morgan joined Fox & Friends Friday morning (June 17) to perform his current single "I'll Be Home Soon,"  and he brought along an adorable guest star — his grandson!

The military veteran took the stage to sing the country love song as part of the All-American Summer Concert Series. In the track, Morgan assures his love that he will be back with her soon to put life and all of its stresses at bay.

Following the performance, Morgan introduced the crowd to his grandson, and held the baby while his daughter shared with the hosts how funny it was to see her dad so smitten with her boy. "It's weird," Morgan says about being a grandfather. "I don't feel like I'm old enough. But it's awesome!"

Morgan also gushed about fatherhood and shared advice for his children.

"That is our legacy," the 51-year-old singer says. "When I'm not here anymore that's the way people are going to remember me, and that's the most important thing," he adds, sharing that the best advice he ever gave his own kids is, "Enjoy your life, 'cause nothing is guaranteed and every day is a blessing."

He also chatted with the Fox & Friends hosts about the recent Orlando massacre, as well as sticking up for Second Amendment rights.

"This is one of those situations, I don't care who you are, where you come from, what color you are, they are attacking us, Americans," Morgan says. "We are a strong people and we will unite and we'll win. Guns aren't the problem, and that's the horrible misconception. The problem is not the guns, it's the person."

"I'll Be Home Soon" is the lead single off Morgan's latest album, A Whole Lot More To Me.

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