If the guy in Dan + Shay’s ‘Show You Off’ and the girl in Lady Antebellum’s ‘Downtown’ met, you wouldn’t be able to peel them away from each other. The duo’s new single is all about struttin’ around with a hottie on your arm.

Singer Shay Mooney is proud to have his little lady alongside him. This catchy love song pours sugar onto their already sweet country sound.

You're like a sugar-sweet kiss in the morning / Sunshine pouring right into my window / Cool drink of water in the summer / Better than the other, hm, side of the pillow,” Mooney sings, leading into a delightfully powerful chorus.

Really, this could be the singalong of the summer: “Ey oh ey oh, anywhere we go / Ey oh ey oh, gotta let 'em all know / And I'mma tattoo your name on my arm / Baby I just wanna show you off.

Mooney, Dan Smyers and Danny Orton rely on familiar metaphors to tell this story, but the two vocalists' charming harmonies make the story feel fresh. The song isn’t sweet like honey or molasses -- it’s more like the crisp flavor of a fresh-picked peach.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Show You Off' is unbelievably catchy, and the two men's harmonies make every note pop.

Key Lyrics: "Ey oh ey oh, when a guy like me / Ey oh ey oh, gets a girl like you / Yeah, you better know we're going to take it downtown / Showin' everybody what I'm crazy about"

Did You Know?: Fans helped pick this song as the second single from 'Where It All Began.' Dan + Shay say 'Show You Off' has become a fan-favorite at live shows, so choosing it to represent them was a no-brainer.

Listen to Dan + Shay, 'Show You Off'