Danielle Bradbery takes her artistry to an entirely new place with the haunting video for a new song, "Human Diary."

Bradbery released the clip as an instant grat track in advance of her upcoming sophomore album, I Don't Believe We've Met, which isn't so much her second album as it is a reinvention and reintroduction to Bradbery as an artist for the first time as an adult.

Co-producer Josh Kerr wrote "Human Diary" with Emily Weisband, and the song documents the pain of leaving a relationship and losing the intimacy you once shared with a partner who knew all of your most intimate secrets.

"You were my human diary / So when you left, you didn't just leave / You took all my secrets with you," Bradnery sings. "And now you're with someone else / And thinking 'bout it hurts like hell / And you got all my secrets with you / You took all my secrets with you."

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"I was immediately brought to tears when I first heard 'Human Diary,'" the former champion on The Voice tells Rolling Stone Country. "It's such a relatable song, and I really wanted to expose what I was feeling that day. Everyone knows what it feels like to put their trust in someone and then feel robbed when they walk away, so I feel like this is a perfect taste of what I was going for on this album -- pure honesty."

Bradbery tells Taste of Country Nights that she drew inspiration for many of the songs on I Don't Believe We've Met from an up-and-down relationship that she's in.

"I’ve gotten in a writing room and just sobbed my eyes out because I’m like, ‘this happened literally this morning,’ and it just helps," she says. "I’m like, ‘You know what? Let’s throw it on the record. It’s real.’"

The lead single from I Don't Believe We've Met, "Sway," is currently at country radio. The album is set for release via Big Machine Records on Dec. 1.

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