Danielle Bradbery fans have had to wait nearly four years for new music, but based on what she told Taste of Country Nights, it will be worth it.

The majority of her new record was created from Bradbery’s real life experiences, particularly when it comes to relationship songs. Rather than being vague or omitting her personal life entirely, Bradbery embraced it.

“I’m like, you know what, it’s hard to keep a secret — and it writes great songs,” she tells ToC Nights' Producer Amber with a laugh. The singer-songwriter says her current relationship status is a bit uncertain at the moment, which led her to write a lot of the material on the new album.

“I’ve been going through an up-and-down relationship just emotionally and personally, because I love the guy, and I don’t want things to end,” she explains. Through it all, her writing sessions have actually been more like therapy sessions, she says.

“I’ve gotten in a writing room and just sobbed my eyes out because I’m like, ‘this happened literally this morning,’ and it just helps,” Bradbery shares, noting that though the resulting songs can be emotional and personal, it was worth putting them out there for fans to hear. “I’m like, ‘You know what? Let’s throw it on the record. It’s real.’”

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The artist admits that growing up in the spotlight can be tough, but she’s learned a lot in between albums, and this record will show that. Bradbery says she wrote 80-90 percent of the album — but even if she hadn't written it, the songs have to resonate with her as if she did.

“I love singing something that is true to myself. If it’s not true and I’m singing it, I won’t have as much fun — even if it’s a sad song," she admits.

The album is TBA, but Bradbery says she’s gearing up to announce it soon, reintroducing herself to fans in the process. Her new single “Sway” hits radio in August, and the full record is slated for later this year.

Bradbery has been on tour with Thomas Rhett recently, and she spills that he is 100 percent authentic and has given her great advice to “unleash your inner self” and just have fun. Bradbery says she’s working on shedding her shy tendencies and letting her “inner badass” through, per his recommendation.

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Danielle Bradbery Is Letting Her Badass Show

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