Danielle Bradbery keeps it light with her second single ‘Young in America.’ The song shows off her vocal range (especially late) but mostly serves as further proof that the Texan is a pretty talented storyteller.

That’s rare for an artist who’s only 17, and still very new to recording country music. A-list songwriters help her with a lyric that seems almost tailored for a singer on the verge of adulthood. There’s no loss of innocence with this cut from her self-titled debut album. A few, deftly placed lyrics even allow an older country music fan something to personalize.

We could do the Vegas thing, you could buy me a ring / Make a lot of love and a little bit of money / Go dancing in the rain with the guitars playing / Down there in Memphis how about it honey,” Bradbery sings. Her uptempo songs can be compared to the most pop-friendly Sheryl Crow cuts of 15 years ago. She’s all about the freedom of youth and independence, and long car rides with the windows open.

The chorus goes: “Whoa, oh, ready set go gotta get out of this small town / Whoa, oh, the open road, air to breathe, the sun is shining down / Oh, whoa, it's you and me in a land of the free so baby lets run / While we're young in America.”

Bradbery keeps a low profile for a winner of a major reality show, but her natural energy reveals itself in many of the songs from her first album. ‘Young in America’ is track No. 1, a great introduction to the project and — for those just hearing her name for the first time — and warm handshake, or hug if that's her preference.

Why Fans Will Love It: Bradbery's warm energy comes through during every note of this uptempo, made-for-summer anthem.

Key Lyrics "Whoa, it's you and me in a land of the free so baby lets run / While we're young in America

Did You Know?: Bradbery isn't ruling out college after she finishes high school. In fact she tells Taste of Country that her love of animals, not music, could dictate her course of study.

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