Darius Rucker is one of the biggest names in country music, but most days, he prefers a different label: family man.

Rucker sat down with Country Weekly to talk about how he balances his role as a musician with his role as a father. Although he loves making music and playing it for fans, his first love will always be his family. Understandably, leaving them at home while he's out on the road is never easy.

"My least favorite part is being away from family," says the father of three. "We want our kids to grow up as normal as possible, so we’re not going to home school and take them on the road with me, or anything like that. They go to public school. So when I’m on the road and they’re in school, I really miss them."

Adds Rucker sweetly, "I love being a dad."

The 'Wagon Wheel' hitmaker says that he tries to be away from home for only three or four days at a time, but with two kids still at home, there's still stuff that he hates to miss while on tour. And for someone who's been on the road with his insanely popular True Believers Tour since 2013 and is getting ready to wrap it up in Europe, those goodbyes probably aren't getting any less frequent ... or easier.

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