Even an established artist like Darius Rucker, who has enjoyed massive success as both a pop artist with '90s hitmakers Hootie and the Blowfish and as a legit solo artist on the country music front in recent years, can be a fan boy for a hot minute. Rucker tweeted a photo of himself with country legend Charley Pride after meeting the singer at the Grand Ole Opry last night (July 20.)

Rucker posted a simple but excited tweet about rubbing elbows with Pride. He captioned the picture with this message: "I met the legendary Charlie Pride last night at the @opry Wow. What an honor!"

While we can only see the back of Rucker's head and a bit of a glare from the lights as he chats with Pride in this shot, we can pretty much predict that he has a smile on his face. There's an energy in the pic that screams "I'm psyched!"

The photo also goes to show that country music superstars aren't that much different from the fans when it comes to meeting acts they love and respect. Remember, your favorite country singer is most likely a fan of country music, too.