Darius Rucker took the stage to perform his song 'True Believers' at Blake Shelton's televised 'Healing in the Heartland' benefit show, held in Oklahoma City, Okla. on Wednesday (May 29). He sang second, following host Shelton in the lineup of acts.

The lyrics to 'True Believers' remind us that no matter how we stumble or what roadblocks pop up and get in our way, we always have each other -- and that's what helps get us through life.

'True Believers' certainly applies to the victims who are recovering from the tornado that swept through the region on May 20. Rucker's performance wasn't showy or flashy. It was solid and steady, but there was a visible pain in the singer's face as he belted out an uplifting song with a positive message.

Ultimately, it was just what the strong survivors who call Oklahoma "home" need right now. Rucker implored viewers to do what they can to donate after he entertained them for a song. Text REBUILD to 52000 to help the state.