Every dog has its day, and it happens to be this adorable dog's day whenever "Wagon Wheel" comes on the radio.

Meet Trixie, the six-year-old Yorkie mix who can't help but "sing" along whenever she hears the catchy Old Crow Medicine Show tune. This trick is specific to the original version; not even Darius Rucker's better-known cover will get the hound howling along.

Whenever the track comes on, Trixie perks up and prepares to perform. As the chorus comes closer, she gets more and more excited. As "Rock me mama like a wagon wheel" starts to play through the speakers, Trixie starts singing (howling) along. She's a little off tune, but with some practice we're sure she'll be just shy of perfect.

The dog is owned by a young woman named Katie, who says beyond singing Trixie enjoys sleeping, eating, looking outside the window and harassing birds. The pair now live together in Dallas, but were united when Katie was a student at Kansas State University. Katie says that Trixie's singing was an event that her and her college friends used to laugh at, and she decided to put it on video.

Trixie may not be up for a Grammy anytime soon, get a record deal, or actually give Rucker any kind of run for his money. But maybe this cute pooch will be able to put a smile on your face when she sings her little heart out to a classic country hit. Aren't dogs just wonderful?

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