In 2005, Darryl Worley's record label closed and he wanted to show country music fans he was more than just a flag-waving American patriot. So he set out to show another side to his personality, and boy, did he.

The "Have You Forgotten" singer certainly got people's attention with his next move, for better or worse. Don't get too excited, ladies. Worley doesn't reveal his naughty bits in the multi-page spread from Playgirl's July 2007 issue — just a few steamy chest and butt shots. (Warning: Clicking to view those pictures may only be semi-safe for work.)

Worley was hoping to demonstrate that there was more to him than just the serious image his songs tended to portray. "I got in a groove where people thought of me as a clean, pristine, all-American perfect guy, and that's not who I am," he said. "I am not a nut bag. I live a little bit out there on the edge, and most people who know me know that. I thought this might help change that perception a little bit."

He wasn't worried that the move would damage his image. "It might be the craziest thing I've ever done, but I don't think it will hurt me," he said. "The phones are ringing."

Since the sensational pictures were published, Worley has released more albums and scored two Top 20 hits.

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