Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum welcomed a new lady into his life, but fans shouldn't worry about his relationship with his wife Kelli, whom he married last year. The newlyweds are actually the proud new owners of a beautiful Goldendoodle. 

Haywood showed off their sweet new addition on Twitter. "Say hello to my wife and I's 8 week old girl (standard goldendoodle) Dolly," he wrote from the trio's official page. "She sure keeps us workin 9 to 5."

Named for Dolly Parton, the adorable pup is fluffy and tiny with an irresistible face, and the photo collage he posted shows her looking tuckered out. Her mischievousness apparently is a lot of work for her, as well as her owners!

Haywood isn't the only member of Lady A with a puppy; frontwoman Hillary Scott is the proud mama of two adorable doodles, Hobbs and Baker, who preceded her human baby, Eisele.

It seems that there are many country music stars who have some major puppy love within them. Animal fanatic Miranda Lambert definitely takes her four-legged friends seriously, Kellie Pickler received a surprise puppy after 'Dancing With the Stars' and music icon George Strait adopted Jammer, a beautiful golden retriever, last year -- just to name a few.

Hopefully Haywood will get some great puppy bonding in before he boards the tour bus for the trio's Take Me Downtown Tour this fall. At least he'll be able to get a little rest and relaxation on the bus if he decides to leave his furry daughter at home!