If you're wondering, Deana Carter does know where the guy so many of the songs on Did I Shave My Legs for This? are about is these days. It's been 20 years, and she jokes that he and she have a few kids and a few divorces between them. Songs from the recently re-released album look and sound different to her today.

"Count Me In" is the best example. Carter recalls writing the song with Chuck Jones about being ready to take a chance on love again. "I just went through my second divorce a few years ago," Carter tells Taste of Country. "I’m so grateful that it was such an honest song the first time around, because it sort of ministers to my own little heart now."

"Before We Ever Heard Goodbye" is the song from the project that she wishes she would have had a chance to release as a radio single. Now knowing the next few twists and turns of her story, that whole era looks different than it did in the early '90s when she was writing and recording.

“The whole record is about my first love and what I went through, and all those songs are about that feeling and those experiences,” Carters says.

Deana Carter Did I Shave My Legs for This
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"How Do I Get There?," "We Danced Anyway" and "Strawberry Wine" were the three biggest hits from a five-time platinum album that earned her a CMA for Song of the Year. Carter was singing about her first love during that expressive song and popular karaoke pick. Now she's a mother watching her son approach an age where he'll be tackling some of those same issues. But not yet.

"He and I talk about everything," she admits of 12-year-old Gray. "We have super honest relationship and conversations, and I always tell him to have God in your heart and be a gentleman."

Carter says she's grateful to still be performing to sold-out crowds and appreciates it every time she hears someone singing her song at karaoke. She's even jumped on stage once or twice! Did I Shave My Legs for This? was re-released on vinyl on March 31. It's a classic restoration of a project that was the first to be recorded using Pro Tools.

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