Dierks Bentley co-hosted 'The View' Friday (July 26), but he didn't just talk while on the show, he also hopped onstage to perform his newest single 'I Hold On' from his upcoming album 'Riser.' 

Whoopi Goldberg introduced the song as the "country music anthem of the summer," which Bentley actually co-wrote -- and it's a deeply personal and powerful track. But, that's actually a theme of 'Riser,' as the star has put a lot of heart and emotion into the record, adamant about making this album really special.

Armed with his acoustic guitar and looking dapper in a black t-shirt and jeans, the 37-year-old wooed the ladies who were standing on their feet, clapping along to his hit. He may have had a bit of nerves (and who wouldn't, surrounded by that much estrogen?), as he had a little trouble staying on pitch singing his brand new song. But, by the second verse, he seemed to be in his groove.

Backed by his band and surrounded by American flags projected on the stage and behind him, the audience was definitely excited about the country star's appearance on 'The View' and treated him to a rousing amount of applause at the song's end.

And Goldberg's response to his song? An enthusiastic "Yeah, baby!" as she joined him onstage.