Dolly Parton called Gage Blackwell “Gage Rogers” because she thought the young boy with Down syndrome kept up with her just as well as Kenny did. Together, the famous country legend and the aspiring country singer did their best versions of three classic country songs.

“That’s better than Kenny!” Parton says after Gage sang with her on “Islands in the Stream,” a song she recorded with Kenny Rogers in 1983. “Jolene,” “9 to 5” and Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” are a few others they played with between cutting up and telling stories.

Gage Blackwell’s love of traditional country music runs deep. On YouTube he can be found singing classics by George Jones, but he’ll also pepper in some Taylor Swift or Miranda Lambert. Lambert seems to be his favorite artist, although that may have changed now that he’s had a chance to meet Parton.

"This was the best!!!!!! I love Dolly and I want to marry her!!!!" Gage writes about his experience. During the conversation, Parton revealed she's working on a Christmas movie based on the song "Coat of Many Colors."

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