With “Livin’ the Dream,” Drake White continues to prove he’ll pull the dance out of you. The song is the mellowest of the three he’s released to radio. It’s also the sexiest.

Descending acoustic guitar chords open the song, and White begins like late-00s James Otto during his first verse. Then, at the chorus, he leans back and belts his impassioned message. “Livin’ the Dream” feels personal for this married singer-songwriter. In conversation the words pour out slowly, but he finds a way to not get tongue-tied singing this spitfire exchange.

One gets wrapped up in White’s gospel-soul delivery easily. It’s amplified to the power of 10 when you see him live. If you’re imagining foot-stomping, facial contortions and dirty blues growls, your mind is in the right place, but he slows it down for one of the sexiest verses in country music.

White is in a league with Chris Stapleton when it comes to big country vocalists, and at times, he's almost too big. This song could be the one that breaks him to mass audiences, as it’s the most accessible of his singles. “Livin’ the Dream” doesn’t sacrifice soul to get to radio, however.

Listen to Drake White, "Livin' the Dream"

Drake White, "Livin' the Dream" Song Lyrics

“Everyone says we wouldn’t make it baby / Love don’t live around here much lately / Times are hard and hearts break like the bank / Aw, yes they do / Lots of reasons just to give it on up / Put your soul on the shelf, collecting dust / Live in a world of broken promises and empty tanks, but oh look at us.”

“Look at us we’re the picket fence / Don’t have a lot of money but we’re making a dent / Ol’ Ford truck with a dog in the back / Now ain’t we livin’ the dream / Big blue sky, green green grass / Ain’t doin’ half-bad for a half-full glass / Kiss me baby yeah, just like that / Now ain’t we livin’ the dream.”

“Put on a little old Keith Whitley / Back porch dancing, singing with me / I’m no stranger to the rain / No, no we ain’t / Pour a little bit of homemade wine, make some love take our sweet time / Why the hell do we complain.”

“Look at us and our life out here / Outlaws, in-laws, coolers of beer / Spot on the wall to hang last year’s deer / Now ain’t we livin’ the dream / Red, white and blue flag hanging / Kids in the back just a tire swinging / Fireworks go boom and banging / Now ain’t we livin’ the dream.”

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