Drew Baldridge keeps trying to impress his fiancee, Katie, but it's becoming more difficult. The singer says his new song was inspired by her, but so too was the song he shared after they became engaged one year ago.

Actually, Baldridge proposed just as the pandemic began and jokes that there's no better way to learn if a marriage can make it than to quarantine together. Since March, he's been a roll professionally, with two private tours and a string of viral hits. "Senior Year" became a graduation anthem for the Class of 2020. His new song "That's You" grew his social media footprint from 300 on TikTok to more than 60K.

Best of all, Katie still loves him and wants to marry him this May. If you look — OK, if you squint — you'll see it in the adorable video he shared to introduce the song. Baldridge parked his car and played the song for her, recording her response with no warning.

"She's pretty honest," he says, laughing about the video. "As you can tell in the video, she’s not super excited. She's like, 'Oh yeah. It's pretty good.'"

The problem for Baldridge is, she's been there before. Maybe you get emotional the first time and tear up the second. The third, fourth, fifth ... the "Rebound" singer keeps raising the bar for himself.

Other family members (including his dad and niece) appear in various social media videos, but Katie is his No. 1 co-host. They're a tight family, which is something he thinks his fans relate to. After penning "That's You" with Jason Massey and Trannie Anderson, Baldridge put that video clip of him sharing the demo to his wife-to-be on TikTok, and within two days he had nearly two million views.

"II was like, 'Whoa! I guess I better get in the studio and put this thing out,'" he says.

Next he put it to Instagram Reels and notched another two million views in two days. Others have racked up near 100K views.

That's good momentum for an independent artist who's looking for, but not desperate to find, a record label partner. Right now he's doing okay on his own, with more than three dozen more private shows booked in 2021. With a wedding to pay for, he needs the work.

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