Eric Church has always been an artist proud to put fans first, and his latest Instagram video has proven that. Church performed in Boston on Feb. 2 to a sold-out crowd, but what happened before the show made some fans' days.

In between soundcheck and showtime, Church decided to take a car ride around the city to surprise some unsuspecting fans with pit passes to the concert. The video posted on his social media accounts shows Church in the backseat of a car, rolling down his window and meeting lucky people walking in the downtown area.

The first group of surprised fans shake his hand, with jaws dropped. One asks, "Do you have shots with you, do you guys got drinks?" Church merely laughs, holding his steaming coffee mug.

He then takes selfies and autographs with fans eagerly waiting in a formed line once they discovered an actual real-life star was in their midst.

Church's Double Down Tour is in full swing. The tour dates are unlike anything else, with Church performing two back-to-back nights in each city, performing three-hour sets each show. The tour hits 19 stops and is on weekends only through June. His tour stop on Jan. 25 in St. Louis, Mo. featured Church serenading an excited 9-year-old. One thing's for sure is that little girl will always remember her first concert!

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