'Good Morning America' host Robin Roberts was at the epicenter of country music for an hour for the TV special 'In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville,' which aired last night. She got face time with country's A-list stars in advance of the CMAs, ranging from Faith Hill to Kenny Chesney to Scotty McCreery and more! Roberts got to hear Hill's new single, 'Come Home,' and she got to hang out at Chesney's massive spread that deserves it's own episode of 'Cribs.'

Here's Taste of Country's rundown of Robert's chats, in order of how they occurred.

Faith Hill: Roberts visited the studio with a confident and tense Faith Hill, who has been out of the spotlight for years now. Hill commented, "I wish they would have given me bigger boobies" about her recently released Barbie. About her marriage to Tim McGraw, Hill said, "I'm OCD and Type A, and whatever is in the immediate vicinity is the choice he makes. But I really melt when I see my husband."

She also addressed the fact that country music can be hard for women over 40, saying, "I don't know. We'll see. Society in general is hard on women. Period. I feel the older you get and more confident you become in your own skin. It shows."

She previewed 'Come Home,' her ballad-like new single with a tackle box-sized hook.

Kenny Chesney: Roberts met up with the King of the Road, Kenny Chesney, while he was on tour and hitting New England. He spoke about taking last year off, since the famed bachelor invested so much into the love affair and relationship that he fosters with his fans. "That investment, to me, was on both ends, worth protecting at all costs. If that meant taking a year away, then that's what it meant," Chesney admitted. Roberts visited his massive spread and, of course, his brief marriage to Oscar winner Renee Zellweger came up.

Scotty McCreery: Roberts hung out with McCreery in his familiar-to-country-fans hometown of Garner, N.C. He reveals that a friend told him, "Scotty, when you left, you were Scotty McCreery. When you came back, you were Scotty McCreery." That's something Scotty fans are well aware of. He'll never go "Hollywood."

Lauren Alaina: The teen talked about the macaroni and cheese topped pizza she used to shill before 'American Idol.' Her accent really came out as she chatted about the mac and cheese pizza and how her life has changed in the post-'Idol' whirlwind.

Sugarland: The Indiana State Fair tragedy was at the heart of the segment on the duo. "Any sort of crisis can test our faith and push us to our limits. There were always be a before and after," Jennifer Nettles said about how she has dealt with the fallout from the stage collapse in August. "I didn't see it until I watched it on the news that night. There are no words for that kind of tragedy and for the power of nature," she continued.

When addressing the idea that people died simply because they had come to see her band perform, Nettles said, "I wept. I felt a sense of connection." When the band revisited the scene of the accident, her bandmate Kristian Bush left a guitar pick inscribed with "Made of Love."

Keith Urban: The always charming Urban talked about family life. "My daughter coming in, jumping up and down on the bed to wake me up" or when his daughter sings 'Pumped Up Kicks' when he goes in to wake her up are reasons he loves being a dad. Fatherhood and a house full of girls agrees with Urban. He also showed off a car that was a gift from wife Nicole Kidman. He said receiving the car was one of those "this happens to other people" moments!