Farewell Angelina started as friends, so it's not surprising to hear their bonds run deeper than the music that brings them onstage each night. The all-female quartet and Taste of Country RISERS Hot Seat winners also bond over football and a love of Little Big Town.

Fiddle player Andrea Young cheers for the Tennessee Titans, while her counterpart on fiddle, Nicole Witt, is a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Lisa Torres is a Steelers fan and not a Tom Brady Fan. Singer and guitarist Lauren Lucas loves Brady, if only because he was on her fantasy football team.

The group won the fan-voted Hot Seat spot for Taste of Country's list of RISERS, the hottest newcomers in country music (to be fully revealed on March 1). The month-long rollout will include video performances, interviews and a photo shoot, and the RISERS artists will receive continued support throughout 2017. It supersizes the annual Artists to Watch list.

Farewell Angelina Singing "House of the Rising Sun" Will Blow Your Mind!

To win, Farewell Angelina mobilized everyone they knew, plus their fans and — seemingly — everyone their fans knew. It was a landslide victory for the group, and they say they had banks and kindergarten classes practically shutting down in an effort to help them. During a conversation with Taste of Country Nights they talked about their influences and idols.

"We just recently were at the ACM Awards doing interviews, and we are huge Little Big Town Fans," Young says. "Kimberly touched my hair and said it looked very pretty," she adds as the rest crack up.

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