Florida Georgia Line recently performed a free concert in Nashville as part of Pandora Presents leading up to the release of their latest album Dig Your Roots. Taste of Country has the exclusive premiere of the duo's reggae-infused performance of "Life Is a Honeymoon," which appears as a collaboration with Ziggy Marley on the album.

"We both went on a honeymoon, which was amazing, and then we came back home and we decided we didn't want the honeymoon to be over," Tyler Hubbard tells the audience. "So, then we wrote a song called 'Life Is a Honeymoon.' You feel what I'm saying? Y'all ready to dance? Let's play it for them boys!"

The song was written by Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Cary Barlowe, David Marley and Jordan Schmidt. Before the band's listening party in Nashville, Florida Georgia Line met with members of the press and shared how their collaboration with Marley came about.

"We reached out and did a lot of communication over emails. He was out in L.A. We were super busy," Hubbard explains. "That’s a lot of times how these collaborations work, in the beginning, until you really get to the meat of performing together and doing stuff like that. For us, because it was so reggae and kind of different, we said, ‘Hey, let’s ask Marley to help us do that song, and just see? I mean, I know that’s crazy.’"

While Hubbard admits they were just dreaming about the possibility, once Marley heard the track, he was all in.

"It was a pretty quick turnaround. We got that song back and he really brought that song to life, and gave it a lot more meaning," Hubbard adds. "It feels like he just took it to the next level. We’re super thankful and honored to have all the collaborations on the record."

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