Newcomers Florida Georgia Line are riding high these days with a No. 1 album, a record-setting single in 'Cruise' and a tremendous debut on the country music scene, all of which have garnered them international attention and scads of fans. Now, the duo will ride their initial success and fast-tracking momentum straight into a new album.  

The band, who garnered New Artist of the Year at this year's ACM Awards, told Rolling Stone that although they found success with 'Here's to the Good Times,' they didn't jump into the entertainment industry looking for stardom.

"I don't think we were ever driven by success or wanting to be a star," FGL's Tyler Hubbard explains. "You do something you love, you want to be good at it. You want to be successful, you want to be the best, and I think with the success that we've had, it makes us want to continue to work that much harder."

He adds, "So when we're writing on the bus we're digging deeper, we're pushing harder. We want to top our first record. We want to top every record that's out at the current time."

They're already in the throes of working on their followup album. "It's going good. [We've] already got about 13 or 14 songs that we can't not cut," Brian Kelley shares. "Now the hard part is juggling -- figuring out which ones we're gonna be keeping, which ones we're gonna let go."

The duo obviously has a great ear for what makes or breaks a hit, illustrated by their catchy singles 'Get Your Shine On' and 'Round Here.'

Fans can expect FGL's next album to be reminiscent of their debut, although it will also be a bit of surprise, as Kelley adds, "It's gonna be diverse, like our first album. Kind of a little something for everybody."

He continues, "We like to mix it up when we write, get creative. If you write the same sound, the same vibe a couple of days in a row, you're sick of it. I think we have a really diverse sound, especially on the second record."

Florida Georgia Line haven't given any clues about when the new album will hit store shelves, but it's quite possible that the 'Cruise' will still be stuck in country fans' heads until then. Along with working on their sophomore album, the duo will head out on their first-ever headlining Here's to the Good Times Tour this fall, giving fans a chance to sing along with FGL to their heart's content (Here's to hoping they'll unveil a few of their new songs then).

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