Duo Florida Georgia Line delves into more serious and somber topics in their song 'Stay.' Appropriately, the music video showcases those feelings, and the duo shows their angst in this newest offering. 

The video begins with a long-haired brunette woman sitting desolate and dazed amidst charred remains of what was once a trailer. As smoke surrounds the area, her dog paws through the rubble, eventually bringing a burnt cell phone over in his mouth. Her shoulders drop, and she flashes back to right before the fire.

Apparently, her boyfriend lived in that trailer. And right before the fire, she decided to leave him, packing up in her car with her dog in the front seat, as her former love stood helplessly at the door. FGL is interspersed throughout the footage, singing this dark, sad song as the story unfolds -- but they aren't the main focus. The storyline is the star in this video.

Throughout the 'Stay' video, the girl's phone flashes with text messages from her boyfriend (which are also lyrics from 'Stay,') pleading, "I guess I know what it feels like to be alone .. .I need you just to carry on."

But when those text messages aren't acknowledged with a response, the video takes a dark turn and it looks like the boyfriend is going nuts without her. He has a crazed, desperate look in his eyes, and it's clear he's planning something -- something bad. After throwing chairs, lamps, his television and other household items out onto the lawn, he texts her again: "I can't go another day without you."

The girl, on the other hand, buys a ticket to go anywhere but there, and soon lands at a hotel, exhausted and emotional. She stares at her phone -- and in the meantime, he lights a match. But it's not for a simple front yard campfire. He intends to burn all of his items and succeeds, adding his phone and a photo of the happy couple to the flames.

Although she returns to his home right as the fire trucks arrive, it's a little too late. The music video for 'Stay' shows a different side to the Florida Georgia Line duo.