Fresh off her gig as opener on Jason Aldean's Rock N' Roll Cowboy Tour, Gabby Barrett says she is now excited to get to work on a brand new album.

"We are going to spend much of September focusing a lot on getting recordings and producing done for album No. 2," Barrett tells Taste of Country in a recent interview about the follow-up to her acclaimed debut album, Goldmine. "So, I'll be writing and recording a lot in September and just preparing for next year before going on maternity leave."

On top of a rocketing career bolstered by songs such as her current single "Pick Me Up," the multi-Platinum hitmaker is also expecting her second child with husband and fellow American Idol alum Cade Foehner.

"I'm doing good and I'm feeling good," Barrett says. "I'm very thankful that this pregnancy has went well.”

The singer's first pregnancy with daughter Baylah was a bit rockier, with the country music hitmaker saying that she suffered from a painful pregnancy rash called PUPPP the first time around.

"It doesn't go away until after you deliver," Barrett explains. "It's funny because during the CMA Awards when I performed "I Hope" with Charlie Puth, I was wearing a black outfit with long sleeves and long pants. Little did anybody know that underneath all of that, I just had this outbreak everywhere all over me, and it was caused by the pregnancy.”

She draws in a deep breath.

"I had some difficulties after, too,” says Barrett, who broke onto the country music scene with blockbuster songs "I Hope" and "The Good Ones," "But so far, I haven't had any of that with this pregnancy, which I'm very thankful to the Lord for. We're just hoping it's clear sailing from here."

Barrett is looking forward now to all the fun preparations she still must do to get ready for baby No. 2 this fall, including coming up with a name for the little one, a baby boy.

"We have a couple of contenders," she shares. "With Baylah, it was very easy. We knew her name from the moment we found out I was pregnant. I had already had it down in my phone. I had way more girls names down in my phone than I had boys. (Laughs) Boy names are harder for me. I think we are going to wait to see kind what he looks like and then name him."

And yes, her hubby has a lot to do before baby comes, too.

"Cade (Foehner) just hung this big Roman numeral clock on the wall, so that's good," Barrett says, laughing at her husband's to-do list. "But yeah, there are shelves he needs to put up and curtains to take down."

"I'm not getting up on that ladder."

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