When Garth Brooks sat down for the Kelly Clarkson Show's Rockstar Roulette segment — in which he spun a wheel to choose a random artist to cover — things seemed harmless enough, especially when he landed on the widely-beloved pop star Adele.

But Brooks jokingly told show host Kelly Clarkson that Adele is a bit of a sore spot for him, due to a conversation he had with his daughter years ago.

"This is tough, because the story that comes to mind, it's not a good one," the country star deadpans as he tunes up his guitar.

"Probably 12 years ago, 13 years ago, my youngest came in from school, and she goes, 'Dad, you've got to hear this song from Adele. I've never heard a song like it,'" Brooks recounts. "I said, 'Really? What's its name?' [She says], 'To Make You Feel My Love.'"

Of course, Adele's version of "To Make You Feel My Love" is not the original — the song was first recorded by Bob Dylan in 1997. But what really makes this part of the story "tough" for Brooks is that he himself covered the song in 1998, notching a No. 1 country hit and multiple award nominations for his performance.

Brooks' "To Make You Feel My Love" is on the soundtrack of the 1998 movie Hope Floats, as is yet another rendition of the song from Trisha Yearwood, whom Brooks would go on to marry in 2005.

Apparently, both of those close-to-home covers snuck past Brooks' daughter — but the Adele version knocked her socks off. As a massive fan of Adele himself, Brooks can't hold that against her too much.

"It's like, anything that you cover, right ... you walk around going, 'To Make You Feel My Love,' I feel pretty good about my version!" Brooks told Clarkson during his appearance on her talk show. "And then you hear Adele sing it. All of the sudden, you're like, 'Ah, okay. I get it.' Everything she touches just sings."

But that doesn't mean he's not holding a light-hearted grudge against his daughter for not knowing about his version of the song.

"People always ask, 'Well, which is her favorite?' I say, 'I don't know, we haven't spoke since that day,'" he jokes.

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