Gary Allan's new single "Do You Wish It Was Me?" is hot with desire. The rising ballad from an upcoming album finds the singer doing what’s most comfortable.

Songs like this are why he's considered to have one of country music's sexiest voices. On paper, the lyrics to "Do You Wish Was Me?" barely sizzle, but Allan’s yearning delivery makes the radio speakers sweat. This isn’t a love song, per se. His desires are muted by the bittersweet reality of this post-breakup song.

Andrew Dorff and Jonathan Singleton helped Allan write "Do You Wish It Was Me?" The verses are short and punchy, allowing the singer to get right to the song's most important moment again and again. The introduction is an interesting mix of sounds. What could be a distorted church organ eventually comes through, adding to a guitar chord base layer. A pulsing bass riff only adds to the heat and urgency of "Do You Wish It Was Me?"

Did You Know?: Gary Allan's live band plays on "Do You Wish It Was Me?"

Listen to Gary Allan, "Do You Wish It Was Me?"

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Gary Allan's "Do You Wish It Was Me?" Lyrics:

“When your phone rings / When there’s a late night knock at your door / When you slow dance, when you hold hands / When you’re looking for more.”

“Do you wish it was me / Waking up next to you, pouring you your coffee / Making love all night long / Do you ever want me / When the sun don’t shine / When the rain pours down / When you reach for somebody / Do you wish it was me.”

“At a red light / On a bar stool, buying you drinks / When he looks at you, when he kisses you / When he tells you that he loves you.”

“Do you with it was me / Cause I wish it was you / Saying your mine baby one more time / Do you wish it was me.”

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