Gary Allan has been hard at work on a new album, but it hasn't been a cakewalk. During a stop at the Taste of Country Nights studio, Allan revealed the "hardest thing" about recording a collection of music.

“I just cut 20 songs. This is the first that they’re going to release out of that. I have to decide which 10 is going to be the album ... That’s the hardest thing I have to do,” he says of narrowing down the songs to fit one album.

“I usually write it all down on pieces of paper that are all torn and I play with them, scoot them to the out pile, take pictures and think about it for a while," he shares.

Allan's newest single, "Do You Wish It Was Me?" is the first peek at what's to come on the new release. It's a sexy, but sad song with a universal theme.

“It’s just one of those songs you know that when you break up with somebody or it doesn’t work out with somebody and you’re constantly wondering if they ever think about you or they wish it was you," he says.

While fans wait for Allan's new album, they can purchase the single now on iTunes.

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