Gary Allan and his stylist, Renee Layher, are gearing up to open a new boutique in Nashville which will specialize in selling men's clothing. The Label is set to open its doors on Thursday, September 1, and will be located at 2222 12th Avenue South in Nashville's trendy area.

Besides offering custom-made stage wear, the store will also feature suits, leather jackets, fine denim, dress shirts, hand-crafted furniture and jewelry. A majority of the items for sale at The Label will come straight from designer Logan Riese based out of Los Angeles.

Allan announced the opening of The Label earlier this week to select media personnel, saying the store will specialize in helping athletes and musicians in the southeast find stylish clothes. Tony Sartino will serve as the store's designer for the custom-made clothing. Sartino's clients include Kings of Leon, Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls and Prince.

In other Allan news, the singer also alluded to the fact that he will begin working on a new musical project in the near future now that the store will be opening. For more information on Allan's forthcoming music, visit his website here. Allan has also launched an official website, as well as a Facebook page, for The Label, which can be seen here.