Beginning in April, country music fans will have the opportunity to get an in-depth look at the life and career of the late George Jones.

Appropriately located in downtown Nashville, the museum will officially open its doors on April 24, which is significant because the weekend coincides with the second anniversary of Jones' death (April 26). The exhibition will show a different side of the legend, beginning as early as his childhood. It will, of course, include Jones' storied singing career, which started when he was a teen in Galveston, Texas, as well as his time in the U.S. Marines and his experience as a radio DJ.

There will be footage of Jones' live performances and interviews, plus important career moments. Always wanted to sing alongside one of country's greatest? You're in luck -- an interactive booth will let fans make that dream come true. The museum will also include a restaurant, gift shop and rooftop bar that will have a view of the Cumberland River.

As a bonus, White Lightning moonshine will also be launched at the grand opening. The alcohol is a partnership with Silver Trail Distillery, with the name paying tribute to Jones' hit.

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