Gloriana's latest single, 'Wanna Take You Home,' is quickly blazing its way up the country singles chart, and on Monday evening (June 20), the band shot a music video for the sexy tune. As cars and video extras filtered to the shoot location north of downtown Nashville, Gloriana -- Tom Gossin, Michael Gossin, Cheyenne Kimball and Rachel Reinert -- went for a cruise down the back roads for the video's opening scene before making their way back to the cabin for a performance as the big finish.

"It’s going to be a long day, but very exciting, though," Michael Gossin told Taste of Country between takes. "It’s been a while since we made our last video. We’ve got the new record [done], and it’s coming out later this summer. Today’s been great so far. We shot a scene of all of us driving in this old Pontiac through the hills up here in Nashville, Tennessee. The sun was coming through. It was beautiful!"

Upon arriving back at the main location, the members of the band filtered out of the car and they unloaded their instruments for the backyard party, while lead vocalist Tom Gossin, spotted his love interest for the video. "It’s really like a real-life scenario of a house party that we’re coming to play at," noted Michael. "It’s pretty cool. It’s going to rock!"

'Wanna Take You Home' marks the third music video for Gloriana, following their debut single 'Wild at Heart' and 'How Far Do You Wanna Go.' With more experience in front of the camera under their belts, some of the pressure is taken off them, but only to a certain extent.

"Once you’ve done a couple, you start seeing how it’s done and what you need to do," Cheyenne Kimball said while getting her hair and makeup touched up. "It’s still a little nerve-wracking, but it’s a lot less nerve-wracking than it was during the past two videos that we did. This one is really fun, though. This one just seems a lot more laid back. It’s super chill, and the people and all of our extras are really cool and our age."

"I think when you get your first and probably second video out of the way, I think you start to feel like you know the drill of how it’s going to go," added Rachel Reinert. "You just feel a lot more relaxed and less nervous. I remember our first video, I was super nervous. I think [this video] is more so about being ourselves and capturing that. We’re having a great time!"

Pressure was definitely on for Tom Gossin and his solo scenes, which were shot in the field by the car as the sun dipped lower and lower into the sky with every take.

"When you’re running out of daylight, there’s almost like a tension because there’s a time limit," he said after wrapping the final take on his scene. "I’m trying to make sure I do good so they don’t have to keep doing it. It’s funny because like I’m standing over there, and I can see everybody from the record label watching the [playback] screen with blank faces … I’m like, ‘Is it bad? Is it bad?’ They don’t mean to, but I don’t think they realize I can see them [laughs]!"

Tom Gossin did have his work cut out for him during the shoot and that particular scene, as he had to film it in the 90-plus degree heat of the day while his other three bandmates waited inside the air conditioned house. "I haven't sweat through [my shirt] yet," he joked. "I did a little reverse physiology ... I found the thickest shirt that I had, right? So this is like a pair of jeans thick. It’s more than your average denim shirt. So I thought, let me pick the hottest shirt and see what happens. I think [the sweat] just won’t show, honestly, but we’re doing good … and I already feel like I’ve lost 10 pounds today!"

Stay tuned to Gloriana's website in the coming weeks for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of the making of their 'Wanna Take You Home' video. The finished video for 'Wanna Take You Home' will air on CMT and GAC soon after.

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