Brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel of High Valley name-check all the places, memories and beliefs that raised them in their new single, "Grew Up on That." The lyrics of the song take fans through the bandmates' childhoods in rural Alberta, Canada, with references that are both intensely specific and universal enough to tug at the heartstrings of any listener.

"Grew Up on That" is the title track of High Valley's May 2020 EP, an autobiographical project about the pair's experience of growing up surrounded by small-town values and memories. The six-track release also spotlights their love of bluegrass-tinged country music, an affinity that shows up in the lyrics of "Grew Up on That," too, with the chorus referencing bluegrass mandolin hero Ricky Skaggs.

Skaggs has since turned from a musical hero to an in-person mentor to the young duo, who befriended him after arriving in Nashville. In fact, Skaggs personally fixed Curtis Rempel's mandolin!

Did You Know?: One of the songs on the Grew Up on That EP, "Your Mama," was co-written by Florida Georgia Line member Tyler Hubbard. Hubbard originally intended for FGL to release the track, but changed his mind after his wife gave birth to a baby girl -- not a baby boy as the couple was expecting.

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High Valley's "Grew Up on That" Lyrics:

Bow your head, take off your hat / 'Bout to say the blessin' / Treat her like a lady / Better get her home by 11 / Put a little back / Keep a little stash for them rainy days / Keep a good name / That's the way we were raised / On ...


Them main streets, them tractor seats / We put some country miles on / Them Friday nights, wide-open skies / Back 40, gettin' wild on / "Sweet By and By," "I Saw the Light" / In a little white church way in the back / Grew up, grew up, grew up on that / Ricky Skaggs on the vinyl / King James on the Bible / Feet on the dash, with the subs in the back / We grew up on that

Big dreams on a dirt road / With a small-town sun sinkin' / Barbed wire, bonfires / One red light blinkin' / Home team, blue jeans / Let her wear your jacket / Had it so good / We didn't know how good we had it / On ...

Repeat Chorus

Grew up, grew up, grew up on that / Grew up, grew up, grew up on that / Grew up, grew up, grew up on that

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