The only thing better than touring the country and playing music is doing it with your spouse by your side. And although Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott gets to tour with her new hubby Chris Tyrrell, the two don't get to spend much alone time together on the Lady A tour bus.

It's not that Scott and her man don't want to spend every second together -- it's that Tyrrell serves as the band's drummer. And as Scott told Country Weekly, that's not enough to give him a free pass onto the Lady A tour bus.

"He'll hop on the bus with me, Charles [Kelley] and Dave [Haywood] every so often, but he rides the band bus with the rest of our band, because he wants to stay in tune with them," she dishes.

Plus, Scott added that Lady A needs to have private conversations sometimes, too. "There are conversations that Charles and Dave and I need to have, too. You have to separate it a little bit, and thankfully -- knock on wood and praise God -- it's been such a smooth transition," she explains.

That's right: Even though all three of Lady A's members are married, they still share a tour bus. But that won't stop Scott from sneaking off with her husband here and there during their first year of marriage -- especially now that they're expecting their first child together.

"I love all of us on the same bus, but because I'm with my husband a lot, and there is only so much time when there aren't people around [for Chris and I] to talk and work through a first-year marriage. We're going to leave the bus for a weekend or two here or there throughout next year," she says. "Just because making sure that we're on the same page really is what is most important in my life now."

A shared love of music and dedication to making a marriage work? Sounds like Scott and Tyrrell are headed toward a lifetime of happiness.