Never has Hillary Scott sounded this vulnerable. Her debut single "Thy Will" is an open letter to God that begs for a sign that he has a plan for the pain the Lady Antebellum frontwoman is suffering.

And she was suffering. Although Scott won’t share the experience that directly led to "Thy Will" yet, she made it clear it was heartbreaking, and it took her entire family to help her through it. Hillary Scott & the Scott Family includes mother Linda Davis, father Lang Scott and younger sister Rylee Scott. Ricky Skaggs produced this project, her first as a solo artist.

Lyrically Scott is literally asking the Lord for an explanation during "Thy Will." It’s the arrangement that truly sets this song apart from anything on the radio or in country music right now. The soundscape is orchestral and subtle early before it matches her intensity at the swell. Every moment of "Thy Will" builds to keep up with her emotions, which are on full display as she works through the song’s spiritual message.

Scott says the upcoming album will indeed be a Christian-based album, but she’s yet to reveal when fans can get their ears on it. The Scott Family participates on the full record, but she’s also included two well-known collaborators who she also would not reveal during a April 21 sit-down with country music media.

Did You Know?: Scott's debut solo album is called Love Remains, and it's based on songs that are the cry of her heart.

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Hillary Scott Talks About "Thy Will" 

Hillary Scott & Scott and the Scott Family, “Thy Will” Lyrics:

“I’m so confused / I know I heard you loud and clear / So, I followed through / Somehow I ended up here / I don’t wanna think / I may never understand / That my broken heart is a part of your plan / When I try to pray / All I’ve got is hurt and these four words.”

“Thy will be done (x3).”

“I know you’re good / But this don’t feel good right now / And I know you think / Of things I could never think about / It’s hard to count it all joy / Distracted by the noise / Just trying to make sense / Of all your promises / Sometimes I gotta stop / Remember that you’re God / And I am not / So …”

“Thy will be done (X3) / Like a child on my knees all that comes to me is / Thy will be done (X2) / Thy will.”

“I know you see me / I know you hear me, Lord / Your plans are for me / Goodness you have in store.”

“I know you see me / I know you hear me, Lord.”

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