Lauren Alaina is a high school junior who has yet to attend a prom, and 20-year-old Hunter Hayes never got to go to his prom, either, so it would seem to be the ideal situation for them to go together, right? In a new interview with 100.7 the Wolf, the 'Storm Warning' singer caught wind that the 'American Idol' star had extended an invitation to her prom to him, but unfortunately, he had to decline the offer.

"Oh gosh," Hayes said, obviously embarrassed to be put on the spot as the deejays replayed Alaina's interview. "How much did you pay for her to do that?"

As the deejays continued to pester the young hitmaker, he kept his game face on, sharing the story of his own high school experience with an awkward laugh."You know what's funny? When is prom, like normally in May or something like that? First of all, I need to make a confession. I'm a nerd. Total geek," he said. "I never went to homecoming or prom or anything. Every time something like that came up I was either at a gig or at home working in the studio. My geek world kind of took over, so I never made it out to one of those. That's what's funny about it."

But when Hayes was really pressed to answer the question -- would Hunter Hayes like to go to prom with Lauren Alaina? -- he gave a respectable, albeit cop-out, answer. "Guys, I don't even know what I have going on tomorrow ... in May? Good grief!"

By mid-interview, Hayes was onto the next subject, leaving the radio hosts behind. "I'll tell you what I will be doing, that's promoting my album that does come out on October 11," he said, cutting through their banter. "I'm literally living in the moment. Living day by day."

Maybe when Hayes gets a better handle on his schedule, and things settle down following the release of his album, he'll be able to give Alaina the answer she was hoping for.