This picture of a 25-year-old Jake Owen finds the country singer fresh off the shore, with the glow of the Vero Beach sunshine still bringing out the freckles that now hide behind the scruff of his more adult beard. You'll find that the 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' singer has always preferred to keep a stubble. His outfit in the more pensive 'Now' photo is remarkably different, however. 

Owen takes more chances during red carpet strolls than he did 'Then,' as this leopard-print jacket from the 2012 CMA Awards shows proves. In both photos, he opts for an open collar, a stylish move than his female fans appreciate. His hair hasn't changed too much in six years, although his bangs are a bit longer now than they were in 2006.

Of course, the biggest change that happened between these photos is the singer's new wife Lacey and their baby girl, who is expected any day now. If Owen's experience is like most fathers, we expect him to look 20 years older in 10 years.

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