Jake Owen joined actor and comedian Wayne Brady for a recent episode of Drop the Mic. In a nearly five-minute clip, Owen and Brady trade rhymes and some major disses across three hilarious battle rounds.

Owen kicked off the first round with a series of insults to Brady's lack of hair and television ratings: "Wayne does it all / Such talent is rare / He can do absolutely anything except keep his hair," he quips.

Not about to lose out to Owen, Brady upped the ante by questioning Owen's country cred.

“Battle a country star, I was down with that / Battle Jake Owen, who the hell is that? / Your music, I’d rather listen to Bieber / Or drink Kool-Aid with Donald Trump watching ‘Jungle Fever,’" Brady rapped to the track.

After being dissed by Owen earlier for his lack of hair, Brady shot back: "Let's make a deal, I'll grow my hair back when you learn how to sing."

Owen asks the beatmaster, Josh, to bring him back the beat and Brady jumps in, "and some rhythm while you're at it."

"The difference between me and you, man, is I actually sell tickets," Owen stabs in his rebuttal. “I see you dancing on a game show, it makes me sad / Little kids watching, they’re like, ‘Man, is that Nick Cannon’s dad?”

The final round has Brady cleverly telling Owen he should give up music. "I heard you used to golf, you shoulda stuck with it," he suggests.

Watch the video above to see who is crowned the rap battle winner.

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