Though pregnancy comes with its challenges, Jana Kramer says she actually likes her new body. The artist spoke to Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazine recently and said the changes have actually made her feel beautiful.

“I wasn’t sure how I’d look as I got bigger, but pregnancy makes me feel so pretty,” she explains, though she does add that she looks like she “swallowed a watermelon."

It probably helps that she’s not alone. Her husband, former NFL player Michael Caussin, has also gained some weight. “Michael says he’s put on eight pounds of sympathy weight, but I think it’s more like ten,” Kramer dishes.

The “I Got the Boy” singer has also been experiencing some pretty intense “all-day sickness,” lamenting, “I’m one of the ones who has it for all of her pregnancy."

Kramer is still on the road while pregnant, but will wrap up her tour seven weeks before her due date. She says touring has been tough, especially considering the sickness. "People were calling my management, telling them I was drunk because I was throwing up before and after shows!”

Her most recent album, Thirty-One, was released in October 2015, and Kramer says it is an accurate representation of herself, right down to the title.

“I want this title to be strong; I want this title to be me,” she tells USA Today. “I want this title to somehow portray the woman that I am. There’s no other way of saying that than 31.”

Kramer and Caussin shared the gender reveal of their baby girl via a video featuring friends targeting the couple with squirt guns, filled with pink-tinted water. The water appeared on the pair’s white T-shirts and they knew they were going to have a daughter. Though she she likes her baby body, Kramer says she’s “so ready” to meet her baby girl.

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