Jana Kramer is a woman of many talents. She became famous after appearing on 'One Tree Hill,' but before she was a pretty well-known actress, she was spending time in the spotlight at Detroit Red Wings games, as an ice skater!

The newly-engaged singer caught up with Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex recently, telling him all about her first love: ice skating. When Kramer was a senior in high school, she did the pre-game skating shows before Detroit took the ice. She says she's a big fan of the team and "all things Detroit," but admits they could use a little work this year.

“They’re terrible," she tells Alex. "I love ‘em, but they’re just not good. There’s just too many young bucks on there and they’ve gotta figure it out.” (And like any good Red Wings fan would, the singer dishes that she "hate[s] the Blackhawks.")

Obviously, Kramer has grown new wings since she was a skater for the hockey team way back in 2002, but she remembers the role fondly. "Before the game I’d come out with link the rounds and the flags and all that stuff," the singer says. "It was cool."

Truth be told, Kramer was somewhat of a shoo-in for the gig, as she was a competitive ice skater for thirteen years! She says she "kind of grew up in an ice rink," and her skating resume is so extensive, she can even do a triple toe! ... Whatever that means.

“Those are the easiest jumps to do, though," the songstress humbly explains.

She was good, but not Olympics good. When Kramer competed in the Junior Nationals, she says she came in last place.

Sam Alex is the host of Taste of Country Nights radio, a syndicated night show which airs on more than 60 Townsquare Media Group stations nationwide.

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