Jana Kramer's acting career is nearly as red hot as her country music career and her relationship with fiance Brantley Gilbert. The singer and actress stars in the upcoming 'Heart of the Country,' a dramatic and romantic film in which her character is forced to dig deep and take a long, hard look at her heart in order to remember what's truly important.

In the informative trailer, Kramer's character, Faith (whose name likely has narrative meaning), heads to NYC to become a singer, but that plan gets derailed when she falls in love with her husband, Luke.

Sadly, Luke ends up getting arrested -- orange jumper and all -- so he's not what he seemed. Faith (Kramer) heads back to North Carolina with her tail between her legs and her heart aching.

With her future uncertain, she appears to renew her friendship with Lee, who is now a doctor. The film explores both her relationships with Luke and Lee, and more importantly, with her father, played by Gerald McRaney.

Overall, coming home reminds her of the things that matter most, and they usually involve the heart and family.

The role calls for Kramer to emote heavily throughout, and she's often in tears, thrown for a loop and torn between the men in her life. She handles the material well, and is totally believable and likeable in the part.

"Her relationship with her father was kind of strained, so it's kind of a father-daughter story," Kramer explains. "Through that, she kind of finds her voice. It's a small movie, but I was passionate about it."

That's visible in her portrayal.

'Heart of the Country ' is due out in 2013. Additionally, Kramer has a role in the upcoming war-themed drama 'Approaching Midnight.' See what we mean about red hot?