Jana Kramer took some time backstage at the Grand Ole Opry recently to give fans a glimpse into her latest single, “I Got the Boy.” Kramer says that though she didn’t write the song, it resonated deeply with her.

“The first time I heard ‘I Got the Boy,’ I instantly became just a puddle of tears,” Kramer admits. “This was a song that I've been trying to write for years, and these writers wrote exactly my story."

"I Got the Boy" paints a picture of the bittersweet feeling of remembering a love from the past who has long moved on to someone else. It’s a complicated series of emotions to navigate — a little pain, a little sadness, some nostalgia, some jealousy and some joy for the memories. "I Got the Boy" captures them all.

“It’s really neat, too, to see guys’ responses,” Kramer adds. “They’re kind of at first shy to say they like the song, and then they’re like, ‘oh man, that was the girl that I wish I would’ve married.’"

Kramer is about to go on the first-ever CMT Next Women of Country Tour with Kelsea Ballerini, and is also hitting the festival circuit this summer to promote the new single. She plans to have a new album out this fall.

“The new album is definitely, as a whole, 100 percent me,” Kramer explains. “It’s fun, it’s sassy, it’s sad … you know, you’ve got songs about my high school sweetheart, songs about new love where I’m at now … it’s kind of just, my last thirty years."

Check out the full interview in the video above. And don't worry — Kramer did get the man, as she married Michael Caussin on May 22.

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