Jana Kramer and Brantley Gilbert are making plans to tie the knot, but have you ever wondered how the two met in the first place? Apparently Kramer wasn't thinking romantic thoughts when she saw Gilbert for the first time, but eventually, the ACMs nominee won her heart.

"I saw him at the after parties (2012 CMT Awards) and I was like, 'Oh there's Brantley Gilbert, he's so cute!'" Kramer tells Country 92-5. I honestly really just wanted to write with him, I wasn't thinking like I wanna date him. Because I had kind of gone down that artist route before, and I'm like never again, I do not want to date an artist. A lot of the time they can be selfish, and rightfully so, you're doing your thing. I was just like, I can't... he's the bad boy..."

However, sometimes it's just meant to be, as the 'Whiskey' singer continues, "But, we have the same agent, so he introduced us and I was like, 'I would love to write with you sometime.' All of the sudden he just pulls out his phone and he's like, 'Yeah, what's your number?' So I gave him my number and then I knew he liked me when he actually called me and he didn't text me. But, he kept calling and I was really hesitant to go out with him. Then, when we actually had our first writing session it was an interesting writing session is all I have to say." Maybe the writing session was deemed interesting, because sparks were flying?

Whatever Gilbert did to convince the beautiful songstress and actress worked well, and he's continued to work his charm, with a sweet engagement story and a jaw-dropping rock for Kramer.

The two lovebirds stay busy, as Kramer is honing her acting skills with a few projects, and Gilbert is finishing up his next studio album. With the upcoming wedding and their thriving careers, the couple probably feel like they're 'halfway to heaven' every day!