Jana Kramer is reminiscing about the recent baptism of her husband, former NFL athlete Mike Caussin. On Wednesday (Sept. 13), the country singer and actress shared photos and videos from the religious event.

The immersion took place earlier this year, in February, but the "Why Ya Wanna" performer and Dancing With the Stars alum took a moment on social media this week to relive the moment. As evidenced in the pictures, it seems like the baptism was a crucial turning point in Kramer and Caussin's marriage.

Among the visual keepsakes from the occasion is a family portrait of the couple with their two children, 4-year-old daughter Jolie Rae and 21-month-old son Jace Joseph. In the charming image, Caussin is holding a letter board that reads, "I got baptized today! February 18, 2020."

"I got baptized again," Caussin writes in the caption to one of Kramer's posts. "I was fully ready to recommit my life to Christ. To admit that I need him in my life, that I love him and that finally, for the first time in over ten years, I know that he loves me without any exception and that I deserve his love."

Adjacent videos show Caussin going under the water as part of the Christian rite of admission. The baptism came just a few days shy of his 33rd birthday, as People reports. On Instagram, the 36-year-old Kramer sums up the event as "Mike's recommitment to God."

Kramer and Caussin wed in 2015, but their marriage has experienced its fair share of difficulties. At times in their relationship, Caussin has been unfaithful, and he has publicly admitted to those misgivings. The couple briefly separated in 2016 before ultimately renewing their wedding vows the following year. Just this week, Kramer confessed to her own set of "flings and flirts" that took place during the separation.

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As for her musical career, the One Tree Hill actress not long ago released a new single called "Untouchable," Kramer's first hint of fresh material this year. However, the song was actually written in 2010.

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