Jana Kramer got inked on Tuesday (April 22).

The beautiful actress and country singer shared photos of her tattoo experience, which showed her lying on her side as the tattoo artist worked on her back. If she was in pain, Kramer didn't show it, grinning from ear to ear as the art made its way permanently onto her body.

She had a good friend, fellow singer Maggie Rose, sitting by her side and holding her hand throughout the process. "What a good friend!!!@iammaggierose #tattoo holding my hand!" captioned Kramer.

When it was all finished up, the ecstatic songstress gave fans a first look at her tattoo, a single feather. This wasn't her first tattoo; she also has one that states "Believe" on her left arm.

Thankfully, her tattoo was tasteful and she didn't end up on the list of Worst Country Tattoos ... like some other artists.