Jason Aldean adds his signature spoken-word style to a modern barroom bleeder called "Blame It on You." The hitmaker rightly compares his latest single to "Girl Like You," but several others from his catalog could fall right in line.

Tight verses bridge a chorus that's truly the heart of this newest single from the 9 album. Songwriters Michael Tyler and company are just dabbing a few colors on the sonic canvas before Aldean's vocals become a bit more melodic. The structure of "Blame It on You" is as standard as it gets in Nashville. There's no bridge or conclusion to make this scene more of a story, and the result is truly modern tear-in-my-beer ballad.

Aldean is just three singles into his 2019 release, so even if he has new music at the ready, it seems likely fans will hear another from 9 before anything new, as he's always released four, if not five singles from each album. With 16 songs, his latest album leaves plenty more to choose from, although time spent in studio instead of on his tour bus may expedite the process.

Did You Know?: Two of the writers of "Blame It on You" (guitarist Kurt Allison and bassist Tully Kennedy) are part of Jason Aldean's touring band. John Edwards and Brian Gene White also helped write this song.

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Jason Aldean's "Blame It on You" Lyrics: 

Goin' down like a sunset / Burnin' out like a cigarette / Blowin' through the cash, through the past / Drinkin' down that memory 'til there's nothin' left.

I could go on and on / On why you're gone / I could blame it on the whiskey / I wouldn't blame you if you didn't even miss me / Gave you a million reasons, girl, not to be with me / Should've never let you go / Should've never watched you go / I could blame it on a good high / Let it take the blame for why you told me goodbye / Instead of missin' you and missin' all those good times / Should've never let you go / Should've never watched you go / I could say I never knew / I could drink around the truth / But I can't blame it on you, yeah, yeah.

Trying to ride out the midnight / Trying to fight through the daylight / Wondering where you're at and just like that I'm looking back / On what I had when you were mine.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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