Jason Aldean says the hardest part of being one of the hottest artists in country music is adjusting to the glare of the spotlight. He tweets, but lately it's just been to talk about his new album, 'Night Train,' or to cheer on his Atlanta Braves. He'll mention his daughters or his wife, but you won't find pictures of them on Instagram. You may see the 'Take a Little Ride' singer on television, but only if he's behind a guitar on a talk show, or at the podium accepting an ACM or CMA Award. When it comes to being famous, Aldean tells Taste of Country Nights radio host Jeremy Robinson: He's not a natural. 

"Like once this all started to happen," he begins, speaking of the early days of his career when fans only knew him for 'Hicktown,' "you're so used to life being a certain way and all of a sudden in a blink of an eye it changes and it changes not only you but it changes the way everybody around you looks at you and it's been a learning experience. It's something I kind of still deal with and still try to figure out on a daily basis."

Lately that spotlight has been hot, but Aldean took the controversy surrounding racy internet pictures head on, apologizedexplained himself once and then made it clear further details of his private life wouldn't come from him. With his highly-anticipated fifth studio album's release just days away, there was plenty more for Aldean and Robinson to discuss anyway, so Taste of Country agreed before the interview to focus on the music... And maybe his fear of feet.

'Night Train' is available in stores and online on Oct. 16.

Jeremy Robinson: There are 15 tracks on this album!

Aldean: You know what, I know a couple of years ago everybody was trying to stop doing full-length albums. Everybody was doing this six or eight song CD thing and I didn't get into that. It's hard enough for me to narrow down the songs to 15. I don't wanna try to narrow it down to eight, you know. So my thing, I figure give people more songs for the same money (instead of) less songs for the same money. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Glad to see the Jason rapping is back on this album. Talk about working with Luke Bryan and Eric Church on 'The Only Way I Know.'

I love those two guys, I'm a huge fan of what they do and Luke and I are extremely good friends. And we've talked about working together for awhile now and this song came about… so I called him and the more I listened to the song I thought, 'Man we could bring somebody else in, who would we want to do that with?' And Eric was the first one that popped in my head and I called Eric to see if he was on board.

These are questions from listeners. Sara says, "My ringtone is 'Take a Little Ride.'" What is your current ringtone?

[thinks] I think it is… ummm …

Can you have someone call you and hear the ringtone right now?

OK, hang on… you ready for this?

Yeah, we're ready.

Listen here:

Note for mobile users: Jason Aldean's ringtone is Bon Jovi.

What is your absolute favorite song on the album. And which one means the most?

The song that I find myself listening to more than any other song is 'Staring at the Sun.' There is something about that chorus that just… I don't know. Even me hearing the song as much as I have it still kind of just draws me in.

But the line is 'She gets under your skin like a tattoo.' When that part of the song comes in it's just a really cool thing. One of my favorite songs on the record by far.

Last question: Do you get pedicures?

[long pause] Hell no! I don't even know where you go to get one of those.

Here's the thing… I'm also like a foot freak, too. I hate gross feet.

You don't like people to put feet on you? Even the wife?

No, the wife is fine. If they're good feet, they're clean, whatever I'm fine with that. But if there all knotted up and dirty, not a chance.