Someone tried to body-shame Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie Xo, and she wasn't having it.

The Dumb Blonde Podcast host put the hater on blast with a one-word caption and response video. If that wasn't enough, her followers on Instagram had her back.

"Lord please let me wake up with this body," says one person.

"How can someone see you and think THAT," says another. "I say pick the fork up, sis. Gotta feed the beast."

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"Put down the fork," is what someone told her on Instagram. Bunnie brought back a slow-motion video of her emerging from a swimming pool in a barely-there bikini. We could describe it, or you could just watch:

"Nah," is all she needed to say to shut the commenter down.

Responses to her video range from short shows of support to elaborations.

"How bout take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, why am I projecting my def hate onto others and being so rude?" asks @oh_hey_heather. "These haters don’t realize that when they comment this trash all over your pages they are only helping you ...Kee I’m going wit ya bad self and ya damn fork! (sic)"

Both Bunnie and Jelly Roll have been all about body positivity, even though the "Need a Favor" singer acknowledged his attempts to lose weight to better his health.

The couple are both on his Backroad Baptism Tour through October, with Jelly Roll playing additional shows through December.

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