Jimmie Allen's best songs are stories of inspiration and perseverance, even when they don't sound like it. No. 1 on this list of the 2019 Taste of Country RISER's top songs is a love song to fans, but a reminder of the singer's grandmother.

The country newcomer has released one studio album and an EP, but a great cover song also makes this list. Actually, two covers find their way onto our list of Jimmie Allen's top songs, but "Boy Gets a Truck" is included on Mercury Lane. Find a duet with Abby Anderson at No. 2 — their cover of "Shallow" is a stirring recreation of a great film moment!

"Underdogs" and "Warrior" are two songs that speak to the obstacles Allen has had to overcome to reach his dream and the people who helped him along the way. The Delaware native is a fighter and an optimist to the end — how else could he have not given up while homeless early in his career or switched format when country music executives told him the color of his skin would hold him back? You'd be hard pressed to find a bit of bitterness in his music. He actually funnels these feelings and experiences into songs, like "All Tractors Ain't Green," his head-turning album closer.

Sales and radio airplay helped decide the order of the Best Jimmie Allen Songs list, but critical acclaim, streaming numbers and fan commentary ultimately meant more. Taste of Country has had the chance to see Allen live on several occasions and the songs that fans react to make this list. If you think one needs to be added, let us know on Twitter.

Jimmie Allen Is "Unwell" and We're Better for It:

Jimmie Allen's Best Songs:

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